Windows and Doors Mississauga: How to Make Them Winter-Proof


Considering the temperature swings that have been witnessed during the entire fall, anyone who says this would change when winter comes would be wrong. We are expecting this trend to continue, and that is why instead of leaving things to chance, you should look for ways to make your windows and doors Mississauga winter-proof. Remember, that is the only guaranteed way you are going to keep your heating bills within the optimal range.

Don’t allow your windows and doors to be the reason why you would be paying higher heating bills. You can do something about them. So, before the winter knocks your door, call a professional to inspect your windows and doors Mississauga and tell you whether they will be able to hold well during the winter. If not, the following tips will be helpful to you. Take a gander.

1.      Inspect the Weather-Stripping.

Weather-stripping is meant to seal around the Mississauga windows so that there are no gaps left that could lead to a draft. However, with time, the materials that are used to weather-strip around the windows were and become inefficient. When this happens, you will start seeing upsurges in your energy bills.

So, it makes sense to inspect the weather-stripping of your windows before the winter comes. That will see you save up to 15% on your energy utility bills.

2.      Install A Storm Door.

Possibly, you need to enhance the safety of your windows and doors Mississauga. That is okay and something that you can achieve quickly. Storm doors will not only provide extra protection, but they also improve the insulation of your doors and windows. These doors come up with a concrete barrier between your windows and doors and harsh weather elements. This safeguards your Mississauga windows and doors from extreme elements such as hail, rain, wind, and snow and, in turn, prolongs their lifespan.

3.      Repair Damage to the Frames.

One of the most favourite frame materials among homeowners is wood. However, wood has its limitations. For instance, over time, the material deteriorates and becomes worn and warped. Due to these changes, your doors and windows become misaligned, and that leaves some cracks that allow air in your home. The misalignment is also the major cause of failure of doors to open and close. Can lead to serious structural issue if not taken care of in advance.

4.      Install Drapes and Heavy Curtains.

Drapes and heavy curtains play essential, and several roles in your home. They not only improve the insulation of your home, but they also enhance its aesthetic appeal. It is estimated that, during the winter, they minimise heat loss by up to ten percent. Since they function as a barrier, they prevent warm heat from escaping to the outside and prevent cold air from getting in your home.

5.      Install New Windows and Doors Mississauga.

If you have never replaced your Mississauga windows and doors, there is a high possibility that they are not energy efficient and aesthetically appealing as you would want. If that is the case, you would want to consider replacing them as soon as possible.