Why You Should Choose Violet for Your Happy Birthday Flowers

Violet happy birthday flowers

Roses are dominant on February since they are used by lovers to mark the regular romance day; valentine’s day. However, do you know that these delicate flowers are also used in other formal occasions? Roses are also used as official happy birthday flowers by the babies who celebrate their happy birthdays in February.

Therefore, if you are February born baby, this article is specifically meant for you. Here are a few tips you should know about violet happy birthday flowers.

  1. True Meaning.

Violet happy birthday flowers represent loyalty and truth, while still embodying some sense of modesty humility and spiritual wisdom. This beautiful blooming flower plant is named according to its vintage purple petals.

Besides, the violet flowers also exist in yellow, white and blue. This colour of flowers also means “I will always be right.” The white blooms mean “taking a chance.” there are more than 500 species of violet flowers that exist and that includes its related pansies, which are lightly coloured hybrid blossoms with the same petals.

With its bright colours and subtle petals, the violet blossoms were used by traditional herbalists since it has medicinal value. And above all did you know that violet flower is an official state flower for New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Illinois?

  1. Celebratory Blooms.

If you have family members or your friends who have their birthdays in February, gift them violet flowers. Since violet is a flowering bloom, the implication is that the gift will maintain giving. When you gift them this blossom as their happy birthday flowers, they can decide to plant the flowers in their flower garden and watch as it blooms throughout the seasons.

The elegant violet trio flower arrangement is an ideal option, as every plant comes entirely with a small pot of soil, ready to be taken to the garden after just some days on the dining table.

And in case your friends don’t have a green thumb, there is no need to worry. Part of this gift can be significant in planting and caring for the violet, or you can opt to get them a different gift that looks like their happy birthday flower.

Bath bombs, candles and body lotions augmented with violet flower scents also give you a beautiful gift for your friend celebrating their birthdays this month. Alternatively, you can go for any gift with an amethyst.

  1. Birthday Décor.

Along with the violet-scented gifts, you can also add birthday cake decorated with violet flowers.  Remember also many people are fascinated with purple shades. This year, Pantone named ultraviolet as an official hue of the year.

This makes it pretty simple if you are planning a birthday party. This colour is currently available everywhere. This turns to be good news to all people born this year. It is easier to keep everything violet throughout the year.