Why real plants are better than plastic and how to care for them

Why real plants are better than plastic and how to care for them

Having some plants in your house can help to bring your room to life. They turn a boring indoor office into something more align with nature. In the past, we spent most of our time outside. Since we’ve started working in offices, many of us are desperate to try to bring the outside world to us.

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But why do you need real plants? Doesn’t plastic do the job?

Better air

The first reason is that a room with plants is going to have better air . Anyone who has ever done a high school biology class will know that plants can produce oxygen from the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Using a process called photosynthesis, plants can take the air we breathe out, and they turn it into the air we can breathe in.

Having garden products in your indoor space can put more oxygen into the air, which is going to be beneficial to our lungs.

Mental Health

If you’re spending all day sitting at a desk, chances are you might have had issues with your mental health. Maybe you still have them at the moment.

When you take responsibility for a living thing and take care of it, you can make your mental health better as you feel a sense of pride and purpose. It also helps us get in touch with how we were when we lived in caves.

A key to so much mental health struggle is the fact that we aren’t designed for this environment . I’m sure none of us wants to leave it all to go and live in the woods, but we can bring a small element of the old life into the present.

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The planet

And finally, plastic is not too good for the planet. To get the plastic, crude oil needs to be dug up. This ruins the natural beauty of many places.

And to shape the plastic into a plant, more oil is needed. This process releases carbon dioxide into the air, where it causes climate change to speed up.

With the threat of extinction looming, the least you can do is opt for a real plant instead of a plastic one .

How to care for it

While taking care of a plant can bring great reward, there is no reward without action.

Make sure your plant is put by a window where it can get plenty of natural sunlight. And to speed up the blooming process, try using plant feeder instead of just regular water.

Every day, you should check up on your plant to make sure it’s doing okay. You could need to water it, move it somewhere with more sunlight, or even trim off a few of the leaves.

But taking care of a plant is nowhere near as complicated as taking care of an animal or a person.


Many of us will want to bring a plant into our office, They can make everything look more natural, they improve our mental health, and they enable us to breath cleaner air.

Because plastic is so cheap, many of you will be tempted to buy a plastic plant. Don’t do this. Natural plants are so much better.