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What makes gardening stand out is that it is a healthy hobby and growing your own vegetable garden at home is an activity that can not only be fun and educational for the whole family but also helps in offsetting the rising costs of food.

Growing our own garden has the potential to reduce the amount of money you spend on buying food (at least fruits and vegetables) but there are a few financing options to consider when determining if there is truly a saving in growing your own crops.

Initial Cost

Depending on the scale of your new farming endeavor, the cost of starting and maintaining your garden can cost you a small fortune. If your idea of a garden is a few tomato plants, then the costs will naturally be very low. Tomatoes can be grown virtually anywhere, even in hanging planters in the window of a big city apartment.

If, however, your idea of gardening involves a variety of vegetables, planted in rows like a mini-farm, your costs will be considerably more depending on what resources you have available as well as what items you will have to buy to get started. The key to making your home garden a money-saving endeavor is to limit the costs. By visiting you will come across a list of useful ideas on how to start and properly manage a garden at a very low cost.

More than you can handle


Gardening where having a plan for what to do with your harvest can determine if your vegetable garden is going to be a source of savings or an exercise in futility.

Unless you plant just one plant for each type of vegetable you are growing, when the time comes to harvest your crop, you will likely have more vegetables than you know what to do with.

Unless you have the ability and knowledge of how to properly preserve your vegetables or an industrial-size freezer, most of your harvests might be wasted. You must keep this in mind when starting out, the initial cost of setting up your home canning department can cut into your realized food savings.

Better taste and freshness

The majority of the fruits and vegetables that you find in stores have been picked early and allowed to ripen during their transport from the farm to the store, and while sitting on store shelves. The food you grow will come straight from the garden to your kitchen.

Gardening can be a stress reliever

Working in the soil with your hands, watching the plants that you planted as a seed starting to grow into something that will soon provide you with food, can be very soothing and rewarding.

Gardening brings the family together

Having a home garden shouldn’t be an individual activity. Get the whole family involved, especially if you have kids. This is a great opportunity to show kids exactly what it takes for that tomato or ear of corn from the ground to the dinner table.

Working in the garden can be a family activity that everyone can enjoy.

There’s no doubt that when you first start out you will have some failures and successes along the way… but that’s the fun of it.