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Walls are the enormous canvas in your house. The way you portray them depicts your taste and preferences. A change in the demand for wall finishes and decorations is on the rise globally. The use of plasters is rising once again. The luminosity of a plaster wall changes with light and transforms the look of your house. You can use a plaster wall in the raw state, and it doesn’t need any paint on it. It is environmentally friendly and makes more use of natural materials. So, the walls are free of chemicals.

Venetian And Slaked Lime Plaster

Venetian plaster takes shape by the addition of pigment and ground marble with limestone.

When you apply this on your walls, you get a high level of polish and sheen. The sheen is because of the marble. So, you can call a Venetian plaster a type of slaked lime plaster with added pigment. Before starting the plastering job, you should find out more about their applicability and ways to enhance the look of your walls.

Venetian plasters look better with soft earth tones. You can opt for tones that resemble marbles and stones like beige, ivory, grey, and cream. Choosing earthy or sandy notes that complement the plaster will enhance the look. You have the option to select between taupe, binge, brown, and tan to give you the right feel of an earthy atmosphere.

Some special varieties of marble give you an option to choose from pink, yellow, black, red, and deep green. You can consider these options as well. The addition of modern and vivid hues has made the Venetian plasters more fashionable.

So, if you want to give your walls that precious stony or metallic look, you should try these and change the look of the rooms. Topaz, jade, gold, purple amethyst, emerald, green, sapphire blue, or ruby red can add to the decorative value of any place.

Post application on the walls, the contact of plaster with carbon dioxide turns the mixture back to limestone. You can find its application in ancient Egypt and Greece. The absence of an aggregate differentiates a Venetian or lime plaster from other plasters.

Lime plaster can be slaked or hydrated. It has baked limestone. The high temperatures remove all impurities from it. You can pick up these plasters that come in the aged-putty form and start using them at any time.

You can choose from the basic pure white to a range of colors. It doesn’t hold back the moisture. You can use it in the kitchen and bathrooms but avoid direct exposure to water. You can put a protective beeswax layer too.

Clay And Gypsum Plaster

Clay plaster is a healthy option to consider. They contain sand, clay, and pigments and can be your choice if you are sensitive to chemicals.

You can opt from a range of earthy shades, such as rough or matt finish options too. Clay plasters are not recommended for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. But you can use them in the other areas as they act as good humidity regulators by absorbing or desorbing.

You can apply it on a sanded and primed surface post mixing the powder with water.

Gypsum plaster comes in powder form. Once mixed with water, apply it within 35 to 40 minutes. Delays post mixing result in the formation of lumps, and you have to start over again.

If you are looking for a less expensive option, then gypsum is the best choice for you. It is cheaper than lime plaster and requires fewer coats to complete. An increase in the number of people opting for gypsum has led to its increase in global demand.

Tadelakt and Neo Plaster

Tadelakt is a Moroccan finish plaster that is highly durable and has lime plaster and black soap made from olives.

The chemical infusion of the ingredients creates a waterproof membrane, making it one of the most suitable options for all purposes. You can put this can in your kitchen or bathroom shower and bath area.

Clean with water, and it’s new.

The latest offering in the plastering segment is the Neo plaster. Companies are creating their easy-to-apply plaster options. These options speed up the process of plastering. They often use acrylic or other similar ingredients and do not need many coats.

So, select a wall finish option that best suits your interior and enhances the aesthetic value of your house. The metallic sheen of the Venetian plaster can dazzle anyone who comes to your home. The bathrooms and kitchen look elegant and clean with a slaked-lime or a Tadelakt plaster. In short, a house that you and all your guests will appreciate and adore.