UGears Mechanical Puzzles – Are You Ready to Discover a Fun?

Mechanical Puzzles

UGears 3d puzzles are the best toys for the whole family. In the collection, you will find mechanical puzzle and kits for curious teenagers, transport for boys, and toys for girls. Even the real musical instrument Hurdy Gurdy is on this list. Ready to discover a fun and truly immersive DIY world of mechanical models? If you want, you can even color them and make them truly unique and inimitable.

Interesting UGears Mechanical Models for Everyone

It is easy to choose a suitable option in the collection of wooden puzzles for the interests of the whole family because it includes models for every taste!

3D Puzzles for Adults and Fans of Cars and Motorcycles

Dads, are you ready to ride the UGears rail manipulator or the Ugears V-express with your son? Or urgently deliver heavy loads on the Heavy Boy Truck? Or, maybe, you prefer walking on the famous tram in San Francisco? Whatever you choose: a car or a motorcycle, a truck or an airplane, you are guaranteed a lot of fun both during assembly and during the game.

For the Curious

For those who are in love with science and physics, UGears also offers interesting options:

  • Date Navigator is a universal calendar with planetary gear. This device will tell you what day of the week the holidays fall on and whether you will have to go to school for your birthday.
  • Steam-punk combination lock. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make combinations of three-digit codes and learn something new about cryptography.
  • The dynamometer converts air pressure into movement and is able to suggest interesting activities for the whole day. Someone will fall out of washing dishes or preparing dinner. But everything is fair.

TOP Models for Girls

Even girls can be carried away by wooden puzzles because there is a treasure box, where they can hide jewelry, as well as a ballerina in a flower, a fabulous royal carriage, and a real theater!

Why UGears Models?

When you open a box with a mechanical puzzle, it seems that this is just a puzzle and nothing more. And then, disparate elements are combined into a three-dimensional figure, a real toy that can move or have useful functions. Some 3d wooden puzzles for adults turn into a convenient phone stand, others become an excellent box for business cards, and many models become stylish interior decorations.

Carefully! The process of assembling wooden puzzles can capture all your attention, and you will want to repeat the same experience again. For this occasion, the UGears wooden model kits for adults collection is constantly updated with new models worth your attention.