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When it comes to the care and maintenance of your lawn, autumn is a time that requires special attention. You need to ensure that you provide the newly sewn grass seed with correct autumn lawn feed for your lawn type and consider which fertilizer will be best for autumn use. Autumn also brings some new challenges when there are wet spells or heavy downpours, which can cause problems if you do not take precautions. It’s vital at this time of year to give your lawn a thorough inspection and make sure there are no weeds present before they start causing damage. If you’re looking for high-quality advice about how to care for your lawn in autumn, then read on!

Buying quality grass seed

It’s essential to buy quality grass seed for autumn use. You should take the time to establish what your lawn type is. If it doesn’t match with a specific variety of grass seed, the result will be disappointing and not in keeping with expectations, so read labels carefully! A common mistake when buying grass seed is to buy a cheap brand thinking that it is better value. But this isn’t always the case.

There are two types of grass seed available: winter and summer varieties. The big difference is in the way they grow in spring, with the winter variety taking longer to come through, so you can enjoy a lush green lawn on those early days when frost might still be around! As long as the soil conditions allow for it, use both types of seed together – if not, alternate them every year depending on what suits best.

If you’re looking for quality grass seed, ask for advice from your local lawn care expert, and don’t forget to buy grass seed at the same time as your autumn lawn feed, so you have everything in place for a successful spring.

Autumn Lawn Feed

Grass seed is fertilized with nitrogen and other essential nutrients to ensure a healthy, green lawn. An autumn lawn feed mix provides the right balance of fertilizer for your autumn lawn care needs. Grass seeds also need water to thrive and grow into tall, thick blades that look beautiful on your property all year round. If you don’t have enough time or money for these tasks, it may be worth hiring a professional lawn care expert who will do this work so that you can enjoy a beautiful lawn in the spring and summer!