Tips on converting your home into a smart home

Irrespective of if you are living in your own house or you are leaving in a rented apartment, you should consider turning your home into a smart home. With your home becoming a smart home, you will enjoy many benefits. Prominent among such benefits is that you could save money in several ways, especially in the area of energy with bulbs that go off when the room is empty or at a predefined time. Hence, in the long run, you could even recoup the investment you made in turning your house into a smart home through savings from the smart home features, alongside the fact that it will make carrying out activities in your house easier. Here are some tips on converting your home into a smart home.

Smart showerheads

As opposed to the conventional showerhead, you could opt for a LED showerhead. This type of showerhead can connect to any regular arm of an overhead shower. Hence, you don’t need any tools and it will only take a short time. The showerhead will provide LED lighting in different colors to beautify your bathroom. What is more interesting, the showerhead is not powered by a battery or electricity. It is powered by running water. The implication is that they could light your bathroom while you don’t bother putting on the lighting of your bathroom, thereby helping you save on energy bills. The showerhead also provides you with an opportunity to choose from different jets including massage, rain, a mix of massage and rain, or water conservation.

Smart Vacuums

You can opt for an intelligent and autonomous smart vacuum cleaner. The vacuums can clean on different floor types and materials. Most of them come with intelligent mapping and laser smart navigation that will provide a solution to your cleaning needs. You can also enjoy the benefit of using voice commands to control the smart vacuum if you buy the right type.

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Water filters, purifiers, and leak detectors

When it comes to water in your home, there are many modifications you can add to your taps that will contribute to your journey of making your home smart. With filters and purifiers, you would be able to improve the quality of water that you use. The implication is that you would be protecting yourself from water-borne diseases and the inconveniences that come with them. You can see Clatterans reviews to read more from consumers about how they use water filters and purifiers as well as how they have benefitted from it. Leak detectors, on the other hand, can help protect your house from getting flooded because of a leak you didn’t detect or that started after you left the house. It can also help you save on water bills. The leak detectors work by ringing an alarm on your smartphone when it detects moisture. You will be able to know that you have a leak in your home and you will be able to take action immediately.

Smart Kitchen Scale App

Getting a smart kitchen scale app in your kitchen is also a great way to make your home smart. With the right type of smart kitchen scale app, your problems will be troubleshot by the automatic scale. The scale is expected to make cooking easier and more fun, making you more interested in cooking. Some of such types of scales come with several recipes and can automatically suggest what you should cook should you list what ingredients you have available. It is also possible to add more recipes to the ones that come with it. You can read reviews of different smart kitchen scale apps on to know the right product to buy.

Portable and smart air conditioners

If you don’t want to make structural changes to a rented home or your already-completed home that did not come with provisions for air conditioners, you can get a smart air conditioner. You can easily install them into a small part of your window. They also come with iOS and Android apps that you can install to control the device.

Wireless Video Doorbells

Investing in a wireless video doorbell can easily send information about what is happening in your house to your mobile phone. This type of doorbell does not need hardwiring since it works wirelessly with your phone. When there is a ring on the doorbell, the picture or video of the person can be easily sent to you. With the two-way audio, you could inform the person to come in after automatically unlocking the door or you could inform the person you are on your way to open the door. The motion sensors on the right type of wireless doorbell will be intelligent meaning that it can detect motion and capture the area where motion was detected. It should also have great night vision.

Wireless security cameras

With wireless security cameras, you can know what is happening around your house. In the event of a break-in, you can always check back to see a video of the break-in and the face of the person who did the break-in. You should, however, be considerate of your neighbors when installing security cameras if you live in a shared space. You might want to limit the camera usage to inside your house if you stay in a shared space.

Home theatre

Getting a smart and intelligent home theatre could help you take your entertainment to the next level. You could easily connect the home theatre to your television with the HDMI cable. Coupled with the right television, preferably a smart television with high resolution, you will be able to get quality sound when you watch movies, television programs, or play games.

Smart locks

Investing in a smart lock solution will make it easy to keep your property secure when you are not around. Accessing the property will be almost impossible with a smart lock. Furthermore, in the event of an attempted break-in, some smart locks can alert you and you could quickly alert the right authorities to check on your property.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is also a great addition to your home. The light could be programmed to go off when the room is empty and come on, once someone enters the room. It can also be programmed to come on at a particular time each day and go off at a particular time. Smart lighting can also give you different levels of brightness from very bright to very dim depending on the intensity of light you need at the moment.

Smart sockets

Investing in a smart socket can also contribute to making your home smart. Even if the house is already completed with the traditional sockets, you can easily get a plug and use a smart socket. You would be able to easily turn on and off the sockets including using voice or an app on your phone.