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Many people underestimate the importance of egress windows Mississauga. It is until when a fire breaks out when they start thinking about safe exists such as egress windows. However, though they are not rocket science in the construction industry, the rules and regulations associated with egress windows have changed significantly over time.

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From our experience with different clients who want to install egress windows, it is evident that most window companies don’t provide information about the changes and regulations on egress windows Mississauga. Some egress windows installed do not fulfill fire codes standards. This is not only unlawful, but it can be detrimental in case of fire outbreak in your home. Find out more here.

  1. When Should You Get Egress Windows?

According to the National Building Code of Canada, all bedroom windows must fulfill these requirements:

  • They must offer at least 5% light for the floor space of your room.
  • They must offer sufficient ventilation throughout the year.
  • They must be cut in proper sizes to offer proper emergency escape, and you should be able to operate them from the inside without the need for keys or any other hardware.

While these regulations may vary from one province to the other, it is generally recommended to use slider and casement windows Mississauga styles as egress windows.

  1. What Is the Recommended Size for Egress Windows?

According to the NBBC, egress windows, Mississauga should offer unobstructed space with an area of at least 3.8 ft squared and the dimension of at least 15 inches. To make sure that this criterion is met, you should take the measurements between the sills, sashes, opening mechanisms, and jambs.

  1. What Are Other Regulations for Installing Egress Windows?

  • If the installs you have installed in your home have security bars, ensure that you can open the window from the outside.
  • Egress windows Mississauga should not be installed in levels higher than 1.5m.
  • If you have installed a sprinkler system in your home, you don’t need an outside window as an emergency exist.
  1. What Do I Need to Transform My Typical Basement Windows into Egress Windows?

There are various things you should do to change your basement windows into egress windows. In most cases, this encompasses cutting the wall to get sufficient space to install your egress window.

However, this is serious windows and doors Mississauga project, and you are not supposed to DIY-it is recommended to have the qualified professional handle the work. A professional knows the regulations governing this project, and he will be able to measure the right dimensions to cut.

It is also recommended to inform your window manufacturer that you want to change your current basement windows into egress windows. It is crucial for your safety and security since this may not be possible with all windows designs.