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The Hawaii Botanical Gardens are located on the north shore of Oahu, near the town of Kailua. The gardens date back to 1888 and contain over 7,000 varieties of plants from around the world. There are many different types of gardens at Hawaii Botanical Garden including a Japanese garden, tropical rainforest, alpine garden and more! I highly recommend visiting this amazing place while you’re visiting Honolulu.

The Hawaii Botanical Gardens Are Not To Be Missed

The Hawaii Botanical Gardens are not to be missed if you’re in Honolulu. They are beautiful and well maintained, with many different types of plants to see. The variety is astounding; there are flowers and trees from all over the world, including Australia, Africa and Asia.

If you want to enjoy some peace and quiet while taking in some nature, this is a great place to go. There are also occasional educational events held at the botanical gardens that will help teach children about different plants as well as how they grow or why they were brought here by humans in the first place (e.g., tea).

Many Sections And A Wide Variety Of Plants

The Hawaii Botanical Garden is a large garden with many sections, including the Hawaiian Garden and the Japanese Garden. The Hawaiian Garden features plants native to Hawaii and includes a large banyan tree that is over 100 years old. The Japanese Garden has koi fishponds, waterfalls and bridges which you can walk across as well as many other small details that make this area beautiful to walk through.

The Hawaii Botanical Gardens are located on the Pali Highway just past Kailua Beach Park in Kailua-Kona on Big Island of Hawaii (Hawaii). There is plenty of parking available in their large lot or you can park along side streets nearby if needed!

Hawaii Botanical Garden Located Up The Pali Highway.

The Hawaii Botanical Garden is located up the Pali Highway. It’s a bit of a drive from Waikiki, but it’s worth it. The gardens are open every day except Christmas, so if you’re in town during December, you’ll have to wait until next year!

If you’re driving, take Kapahulu Avenue (Hwy 72) until it ends at Nuuanu Pali Drive and turn right toward downtown Honolulu. Follow Nuuanu Pali Drive for about five miles until you reach the junction with Kailua Road; then turn left onto Kailua Road and continue another three miles until reaching the entrance gate on your right side (the Garden will be visible from here).

There Is Plenty To See At Hawaii Botanical Garden

The Hawaii Botanical Garden is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a relaxing experience. There are many different plants in the gardens and they have different sections such as the tropical garden, desert garden and rainforest. It’s easy to take pictures here because there are so many beautiful things to see!

The Hawaii Botanical Gardens Are A Must See If Visiting Oahu

If you’re visiting Oahu and looking for a place to take your family, the Hawaii Botanical Gardens are a must see. The gardens are packed with plants from all over the world, including many native Hawaiian species. There are plenty of parking spaces available and it’s easy to get there by car or public transportation. You can spend hours exploring this beautiful garden and learning about all kinds of different plant species!


The Hawaii Botanical Gardens are a must see if visiting Oahu. The gardens are located on the Pali Highway, just outside of Honolulu in Kailua Town. There is plenty to see at this garden including streams with waterfalls and ponds filled with fish as well as other animals like turtles or birds. You can also find many different types of plants here such as orchids which grow on rocks next to waterfalls in order for them not get flooded out by too much rainwater during storms.