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The appellation floriography is proclaimed as the language and illustrative meaning of flowers. The flower holds significance in every culture and the practice of giving and using flowers of varied occasions has been followed for centuries. People associate different kinds of flowers with varied events and occasions, and this approach gave acceleration to fables about flowers. Poets and writers use flowers as a representation of beauty in their writing.

Aubry de La Mottraye introduced the concept of floriography in Sweden in 1727 and now it is essential to intensify the joy and beauty of occasions by using appropriate flowers. Read through reviews to know the best flower retailers. This fast-growing platform in Sweden also has an FAQ section which clears your understanding. However, Interflora is known to deliver flowers for every occasion and has a compelling image among consumers which can be explored by reading the reviews.

The Red Rose is the symbol of love

Different flowers convey different meanings, and the red rose is deemed as emblematic of love, that’s why Valentine around the world is celebrated by giving red roses to loved ones. The red rose is not the only one to obtain this interpretation but it’s the most awe-inspiring one which expresses desires and heartfelt emotions.

Iris flowers are the symbol of hope


Iris is the flower that signifies hope and peasants, clergy, and nobility are three varied social orders which are represented by the bract of the flower. The different colors of irises represent different meanings and blue irises are the category that is the emblem of hope. Moreover, it is also regarded as the birth flower for the people born in February.

Carnations flowers are the symbol of missing someone

People find it hard to express their true feelings in words and wonder how to tell that they are missing somebody. Red and pink carnations are sentimental and sweet flower gifts to convey unforgettableness and admiration for loved ones. Carnations are distinguished by their delicate and gratifying aromas.

Chrysanthemums mean “Good Bye”

Yellow and white chrysanthemums decipher goodbyes, and they carry the well-wishes when presented to someone. The flower is associated with the month of November and its diverse colors signify distinct meanings. However, the meanings of flowers may vary in different cultures, and in Europe, chrysanthemums convey consolation, joy, and endurance.

Peonies are the symbol of luck

Peonies serve the skincare and medical needs of people, besides that, it represents prosperity and luck. The meaning signifies that people link peonies with good fortune and place them in homes so that nothing bad can touch them. Though there are some myths that associate peonies with negative meanings like bashfulness, ordinarily that concept is not very popular.

White flowers for funerals

The flowers on funerals display grief aid emotional discharge and express love, sympathy, and respect for the dead one. Flowers are used over the urn, for the decoration of gravesites, religious services, and in the interment home. Lilies, Hyacinths, and white roses are used at a funeral.


Expressing emotions through words becomes hard sometimes, and in that puzzling scenario, people fancy to dispatch their meaning by giving and utilizing flowers that harmonize with their intention. One flower choice cannot fit all occurrences and varied categories of flowers convey different meanings, there are also myths attached to them that alter their meaning according to the diverse cultures.