Each person is unique, and this manifests itself in all aspects of his life, including the interior design of his home.

You can get a sense of a person’s preferences and lifestyle by looking at the design of their room. Someone prefers the lush Baroque style, while others prefer strict high-tech and still others prefer the cozy English style. However, nothing characterizes the house’s owners more than the paintings on the walls. Painting experts understand the meaning of paintings and how to select the appropriate paintings for an apartment or a country house. We could also make use of this information.

Choosing the right picture that will not only fit into the overall interior of the apartment, but will also be in its place, is a difficult task. When selecting a canvas, there are some rules to follow that will help give your home a logical completeness. Modern technologies, such as canvas printing, allow you to reproduce almost any image, giving you a lot of options. Colors, style, and, of course, themes are all important considerations. This is especially important when discussing a child’s room. After all, if the things around the child are chosen correctly, they develop taste, encourage learning, and allow the child to create something new. To find the perfect picture for your baby, consider what colors he likes, what kind of character he is, and what he is interested in.

Paintings or canvas prints for the nursery can be done in bright, juicy colors or soft, pastel colors. The first will improve the child’s mood, while the second will make him or her act appeasingly. The option you select is determined by the desired effect. The image can stimulate the manifestation of qualities that the baby lacks, such as making the restless calmer and the phlegmatic, on the other hand, more active. In any case, it should be in keeping with the overall tone of the room. It is preferable if the child’s favorite color dominates the image.

Choose simple, not too wide frames without patterns or with a light, discreet ornament corresponding to the theme of the painting for the decoration of paintings in children’s rooms. Wooden or wood-like frames, as well as painted ones, are ideal, especially if the shade corresponds to the tone of the picture, which may be slightly more saturated than the main tone. It is preferable if the painting is hung on a dark wall. The theme and style vary greatly. Children adore the protagonists of their favorite fairy tales and cartoons. You can also choose beautiful landscapes, flowers (especially for girls), images of other cities, cars, sports-related stories, or anything else that your child will find interesting or that will set the mood for learning, physical education, and creativity.

Furthermore, paintings intended for children’s rooms typically depict children, animals, or toys, such as a teddy bear. You can purchase reproductions of realistic paintings, drawings imitating children’s creativity or made in the style of cartoons, and illustrations for children’s books. The most important thing is that the child enjoys the image.

The following are the most successful nursery design options:

* Photographs of your favorite cartoon characters

* images based on your favorite hobby,

* framed drawings of the child, etc.

* Bright photos from a child’s life printed on canvas.

Paintings in the “Retro” style appeal to me more.


Artwork: Lavelart Capricious Print Wassily Kandinsky

Artwork: Lavelart Encampment of Gypsies with Caravans By Vincent van Gogh

Artwork: Lavelart Jean Monet on His Hobby Horse Print on Canvas