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Furniture is not just about function. The furniture we choose has a significant impact on the way we feel when we use it. That is why some of the more high-end pieces carry big price tags and people are prepared to pay it for the ultimate in luxury living. Here are just a few examples of the most expensive chairs out there right now:

The Dragon’s Chair – $27.8 million

This has got to be the most expensive chair on the planet. The chair was designed in 1917 by Eileen Gray and looks like a petal unfurling. The fabric is brown leather surrounded by sculptured wood. The reason for the name comes from the design on the armrests, which feature two intertwined dragons in the lacquered wood. It was, at one point, sold at auction to Yves Saint Laurent.

Expensive Chairs

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AreslineXten – $1.5 million

Made by Pininfarina, this is an Italian designer that also works with the likes of Ferrari Enzo and Maserati. The AreslineXten is probably the world’s priciest office chair and its ergonomic design is pretty awesome. It comes with the kind of technology and engineering that you’d expect from a luxury sports car. The material used for reducing stress on the spine is a special polyurethane and the fabric is Dynatec, which was developed for Olympic athletes. The chair features a special synchronized tilting system that tilts to suit the person using it.

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Expensive Chairs

Skull Chair – $500,000

Feel like sitting in a 24-carat gold skull chair? This oversized skull-shaped seat sits on two ornate legs at the front and offers extreme comfort. It is made using fiberglass that has been reinforced which is attached to a steel frame inside. The comfort comes from the seat pad, which is made using soft, black velvet. The chair is only hand-made and appears a little like a multi-faceted diamond.

The PlumeBlanche Diamond Encrusted Chair – $187,000

For the priciest sofa in the world, you would need to look to this sofa complete with its diamond-studded platinum buttons on fine white leather. If that wasn’t luxurious enough, the frame consists of mahogany wood and the brand logo is made from half a carat of diamond. Only 50 of these sofas were manufactured but with a choice of no less than 60 leather colors.

The Banqueted Chair – $85,000

Designed by Fernando & Humberto Campana, this limited-edition chair of 2006 is a must for all those who love soft toys. Only 25 were made though, so this edition is pretty rare. The Campana brothers like to produce animal-themed furniture and this chair follows that theme, decorated as it is with stuffed pandas! The pandas are hand-sewn into the canvas over a stainless-steel structure.