Spiders are one of the most common pests found in houses. Even though most spider species are not harmful or toxic to humans, your home might look messy because of all the spider webs hanging around. One of the unique facts about spiders is that regular pesticides might not work on them. For example, pesticides might not work on spiders if you use pesticides to kill ants, mosquitoes, rodents, etc. This is because several pests clean themselves by licking their body. This helps pesticide enter their body and finally kill them.

On the other hand, spiders have long legs, which help them stand way above the ground. So, the pesticides do not stick to their body if you spray them on ground level. So, the best thing to do is call a pest control service to eliminate a massive spider population in your house. If you want to learn more about spiders and their biology, click on the website here.

Most effective tips to get rid of spiders 

1. Use a vacuum cleaner to reach all the corners and cracks. 

Corners and cracks are the most common spots for spiders to knit their webs. However, cleaning these corners can be challenging for you as they are difficult to reach and are often not included in the regular cleaning of your house.

So, make sure you first clear all the corners and cracks of your house, as you will find the majority of spiders and their webs there. Spiders usually target the corners and cracks of your home because they find plenty of other insects, and it also provides them shelter.

Clearing these corners regularly will ensure that the spiders do not increase and eventually disappear from your house. Nevertheless, you will not find all the spiders in the corners of your home, so make sure you look in other areas like walls, ceilings, and any other gaps.

2. Shift the spiders to a new place 

If you are easily scared of spiders, this method might not be for you. Also, people fleeing from a poisonous spider should not opt for it. However, all homeowners who do not want to kill the insects can choose to relocate these spiders to an area with ample resources and protection.

You can shift them to a place in your house where they can live but not cause any nuisance as well. For example, you can relocate them to a garden, basement, or open area, so they do not cause a mess in your home.