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Wanting so much stuff to fit in your bedroom could create unwanted clutter. Having disorganised items often makes any space look smaller and claustrophobic. Here are some tips to consider when decluttering your bedroom for more storage space.

Make a simple layout for your bedroom

Generally, it’s a rule of thumb to consider the main wall of your bedroom for proper positioning of the bed. Instead of placing your bed on the side of an adjacent wall, it’s better to align it in the centre of the main wall. You can create better room flow when you have enough space on either side to walk on or when making your bed in the morning. A fitted bedroom can help you create the perfect bedroom design to maximise your space.

Allow more lighting into the bedroom

Whether your interior colour is in a pale shade or a dark hue, it’s vital to add multiple light sources to your bedroom. This will keep your room from becoming claustrophobic and feeling dark. You can put some decorative lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, reading sconces, floor lamps, and bedside table lamps. If you prefer low lights, you can place some trick mirrors to maximise the light coming into your room.

Choose normal size furnishings your bedroom

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Even if you have a small space, don’t buy smaller pieces of furniture for your bedroom, like a small bedside table. If you have a large bed frame, a small nightstand may look inappropriate. Instead, opt for furniture pieces with regular sizes that suit small spaces. This way, you can make your small bedroom look bigger while having functional and useful furnishings.

Make your bedroom appear more spacious

Creating an illusion of space is a common technique in maximising bedroom spaces. One design trick that you can use is to hang drapery that is closer to the bedroom ceiling. When you look at your room, it will bring your eyes up. That’s how it works. Choose curtains that match your wall colour. This is modern styling that gives smaller spaces an excellent appeal because it minimises contrasting colours.

Declutter and organise your stuff bedroom

No matter how much you try to make your bedroom look bigger, it won’t make any difference at all if it’s cluttered with unnecessary stuff. One of the best tricks that doesn’t involve money when organising your room is to keep it clean. When decorating your bedroom, make sure to keep out all the clutter. It’s a no-brainer that a clean space makes more room for relaxing and recharging.

When it comes to scaling, you can mix things up to create an illusion of space. For example, you can use a larger rug that fits your area. You can also place a canopy bed to create a nice juxtaposition in your small bedroom. Ultimately, bring the outdoors in. For example, a wider window that exposes the view outside your room can add more life and colour to your bedroom.

These small space hacks are proven effective in maximising smaller bedrooms without sacrificing your style and comfort. Overall, it all boils down to decluttering your room to create more space for essential things.