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There are various avenues to make money; it all depends on what you love to do. Nowadays, there are some businesses that you can do that look more profitable than searching for jobs. One of such is setting up a pet or house sitter business. The beauty behind it is that you can earn doing it in your spare time all on your terms.

The amount you will earn from doing this business is determined by where you live and the type of work at your disposal. At times, some house sitters charge based on the extent and nature of the job given to them just that most of the time, their primary challenge is the fee they might have to pay. What matters most in this lucrative job is that you must join the league of trusted housesitters before people can trust your capability. What I mean is that with the way you will present yourself, people should see you as someone capable of earning their trust. Let’s look at places you can visit to get a house sitter job.

How to find a job as a house sitter

Do not panic as you may be wondering the process to pass through before you can get clients that will offer you employment. We shall be explaining sites that are majorly into house sittings business, they will connect you with those that need your service.


Rover has it’s headquartered in Seattle and started business in 2011. The company has over a decade become a top resource a lot of people use to search for pet jobs in their area. With their continued effort, they have not less than 85,000 pet sitters on board from 10,000 different cities.  Setting up a profile and parameter of work you want to do on their website is not hard. Just set up your calendar and your work rate, and then you are good to go.

Here is another site that connects caregivers with local families who need trusted housesitters.

Aside from house sitting, they offer other services that are related to house sitting services like pet sitting, errands, shopping, senior care, and transportation. As a job seeker, you are free to create a profile that will include your availability for these services. There is no cost attached to creating a profile with them, and they will make your profile searchable for people in your locality.

Some other sites offer the same service like the ones mentioned above. There is a site called created for trusted housesitters looking for a means of earning apart from their regular job.

There is no doubt that this kind of job is far better than the busy scheduled job you currently do. This job is suitable for both hard-working and lazy people as there is no much task attached to it. You will end up making money with almost no stress. What matters is your trust because homeowners will be left with no other option than to entrust their home in your care.

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