How to Choose the Right Radiator for Your Home

On top of the hassle of remodeling your home, or upgrading your heating system, there comes the decision over what kind of radiators you should choose. If you are upgrading an old heating system, you might be surprised at the variety of radiators that are on offer. Radiator design is now sleek, stylish, and modern. To help, we have broken it down into the main types of radiator that are available, and what each one can offer.

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Panel radiators

Coming in either single or double panels, these are either powered by your central heating or electricity. The fluid (water or thermo fluid) inside heats up and then radiates out (the clue is in the name) into the room, heating it up. The single panels lie close to the wall, and the double panels have a gap between the panels. You should take this into consideration, as the double panel will inevitable stick out into the room more than the single.

Up the wall? Or across?

You new radiator need not be the standard horizontal shaped design, which is wider than it is tall. You can now get panel radiators that are tall and narrow. These are great if you have smaller rooms and want to save on wall space. This type is, of course, more visible, but you can really make a feature out of what was once a boring piece of home heating apparatus.

Column radiators

These arrangements of tubes are super stylish and are really making a comeback in interior design. Wondering can you get column radiators in different colours? Sure! From traditional whites to greys and to pewter metallics, this style of radiator is really having its moment. Whether you choose panels or columns, horizontal or vertical, good radiator care is essential to keep them working properly.

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Towel heaters and ladder radiators

Who says you have to have the same style in every room? Modern bathrooms are seeing a rise in heated towel rails that both keep your bath towels snug and your bathroom warm. Like the column style, these too come in a range of finishes.

No matter what your style, or how much space you have to play with, there is a shape, style and even colour of radiator out there to suit you and your home.

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