From Buds to Bunches: Most Popular Flowers in Finland

Do flowers grab your fancy? Finland is home to hundreds of beautiful species of flowers.

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Finland is home to some 188,000 lakes and is commonly called the ‘land of 1,000 lakes’ for that reason. It has bounteous pristine wildlife that offers habitats for their wildlife. You might be wondering which flowers Finnish people plant most commonly in their gardens?

The national flower of Finland is the Lily of the Land. It is also called ‘many bells’ in English. This little flower is white in color, and the flower has 6 petals. These petals are not to be eaten: they’re highly poisonous. In Finnish, these flowers are called “kielo” – the same word for girls in Finnish.

The Spreading Bellflower is a beautiful purple flower that is – of course – bell-shaped. There are other color varieties such as red and white, but purple is the most predominant color. There are, in fact, 300 to 400 species of these in Finland. These are biennial flowers and only flower from June to September.

Rosebay Willowherb – also called fireweed in North America – is a popular flower you’ll spot in the majority of gardens in Finland.

The Bird Cherry flower blooms only for one month a year (in April) and is strongly scented. When it flowers, it signals the arrival of May – and that’s why many people call these flowers the ‘MayDay Tree.’ It grows blackberries that are bitter to the taste, but birds flock to eat them.

St. John’s Wort is no stranger to gardens around the world, and it is no different in Finland. This perennial plant has a yellow flower with five petals in a star shape. They look exotic and they are: they are a medicinal herb that is used to treat depression, anxiety and helps to regulate moods.

The Bluebell is a brightly purple flower hangs. The bells mouths face downwards, hiding their intricate and complex beauty. They’re also called “Kissankello” in Finnish.

The Waterlily (“Lumpeenkukka”) is always seen in Finnish ponds and lakes, and many gardens with water features are sure to have a few of these. The lily pads can grow rather large if there is space. Their flowers are striking in yellow and popular with photographers, too.

Ground ivy is seen growing against most walls and homes in Finland. They have lovely flowers that bloom but once a year with deep blue color.

The Chickweed Wintergarden flower features seven petals, is white in color, and looks exotic – like wild wheat. It is used in Finnish gardens as a filler.

The humble violet (called “orvokki” in Finnish) is plentiful in Finland and you’ll spot hundreds of different colors of these pretty flowers from sidewalks and flowerboxes throughout Finland in the warm months.