Five Common Issues Found During Property Surveys

Property surveys are essential when buying a home; however, a survey will often highlight an unexpected problem that can cause delays, incur costs, and potentially jeopardise the sale. This can be especially problematic with older properties, so be prepared and have a plan ready for the common issues that may arise.

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It is well known that asbestos has potentially life-threatening health implications and has been banned since 1999. Since then, specialists have been working to remove it from homes and buildings. If you think your home may still have asbestos, consider getting it inspected before putting your home up for sale.

Structural problems

Most homes have the odd crack appear in the wall – especially new homes – but surveys can highlight structural movement that could cause parts of the building to collapse. This is obviously much more serious and will require an expert opinion. It may only require the situation to be monitored, but sometimes structural changes will need to be undertaken.

A homebuyers report Oxfordshire, which can be arranged through conveyancers such as will highlight any problems.

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Despite reports of a struggling housing market caused by Brexit, property prices are on the rise according to a recent report.


Especially problematic in old homes, damp can be a common problem and an expensive one to sort out. If you think your home may be at risk, talk to an expert and get a quote for any repairs or prevention work that needs doing.

As any gardener will tell you, knotweed grows quickly and can get underneath a building and cause damage as it grows. If you know you have knotweed at your property, call in a specialist as soon as possible and get a quote for removal – the longer you leave it, the more expensive it will be.

Wear and tear

Before putting your house on the market, check all the drains and clear any blockages. If your home is old and has not been updated, it may be worth considering getting an electrician to check the power supply and advise you on any issues. If you know you have loose roof tiles or any roof leaks, get these repaired as soon as possible – the longer you leave it, the worse the problem and consequences could be.