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If you are here because you are searching for new replacement windows Mississauga that will fit your budget and complement the architectural style of your home, we can assure you that you have come to the right place. There is a wide range of window styles that available for you to choose from. Each type of window is different from the other in terms of operation and features.

Here we have highlighted the top replacement windows and some explanation for each window to help you make the right decision. Continue scrolling down to read more about types of replacement windows Mississauga.

1. Single Hung Windows and Double Hung Windows.

Single and double-hung windows go together essential because they look the same only that they are differentiated by a small aspect-and that is the number of operable sashes. In single-hung windows, only one sash opens while the other remains fixed. However, in double-hung windows Mississauga, the two sashes are operable. To get a single hung window, you will spend between $170-$360 for every window. To get a double-hung window, you will need to spend between $450-$600.

2. Arched Windows.

Arched Mississauga windows are characterized by rounded tops. This design adds to its architectural appeal. To get one arched window, you will spend between $325 to $500. Arched windows are fixed windows, and that is why they are usually installed above casement or any other style of windows that offer better ventilation.

3. Awning Windows.

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Awning windows Mississauga are best when used in areas that receive high amounts of rainfall, thanks to their manner of the opening which prevents water from entering into your home when raining.

These types of windows are hinged on top and open from the bottom. As such, you can enjoy a fresh breeze of rainfall. To get one, you will need to spend between $430-$770.

4. Bay Windows.

These are a form of protrusions from the exterior wall. In the interior, they create a significant space that can be utilized in various ways. Apart from the high cost of acquiring them, they cost a lot of money to install. To install one bay window, it will cost you between $1200-$3400. This is because the installation of this kind of windows requires high expertise and labour.

5. Bow Windows.

They look the same as bay windows only that these uses more windowpanes to form a circular area on the exterior of the home. Depending on the number of windowpanes you need to include, the installation of bow Mississauga windows can be more than bay windows. A single bow window will cost you between $1350 to $3850.

6. Casement Windows.

Casement Mississauga windows are hinged vertically on the frame and open and close by swinging horizontally. This allows for ample ventilation and offers an excellent view of the outside. It can be paired with other styles of windows such as awning windows which are usually installed at the top. A picture window can also be fixed at the center of the two operable sashes or the top.

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