Control Coontail Moss

Let’s understand scenarios that can prevent the growth of Coontail.

1. Reduce the Use of Fertilizer near the water body- Chemicals such as Phosphorus and nitrogen foster the growth of weeds like Coontail.

2. Insert fish- Another effective way of curbing the growth of plant is to introduce grass carp inside the water body. These fishes eat all the weeds and grow tremendously, as a result of the nutrition gained through these hornwort.

3. Apply herbicide- Application of the herbicide is advised in case the plant grows exceptionally in leaps and bounds. Before applying a chemical such as Aquacide Pellets, we suggest that you first measure the area which is infested with Coontail and then apply the herbicide selectively.

Carefully read all the instructions related to the application of herbicide or call with specific questions. Herbicides such as Aquacide Pellets can be evenly distributed by hand broadcast using 100 to 150 pounds per acre.

4. What all You Need.

• Fishes like Grass carp, koi and other effective ones.
• Aquacide Pellets.
• Use shade-Limiting sunlight to the pond also restricts its ability to grow (Aquashade).

Best Season to control this plant – Ideally, herbicides can be best controlled during summers or spring season.

Red Flag

• It’s advised not to cut, pull out or rake Coontail- Unless it is uprooted, Coontail, like Milfoil can re-root by fragmentation.

• Treat the pond in tranches, cure one-third of the pond at a time with Aquacide Pellets every 7 – 10 days. Even application of the herbicide needs to be planned in a periodic manner.

In case you are still in a fix as how to go about treating a large patch, you should call only the experts. They will work out a solution for all your problems related to the maintenance of weeds.