By now, you are sure to know that you are a wine connoisseur passionate about collecting fine bottles of wine; therefore, by now, you should be interested in the perfect temperatures for wine storage and other beneficial environmental factors, such as humidity and vibration control within a wine fridge or cooler, however, for some of you the possibility of owning a proper wine cellar is actually a possibility and therefore you should be assured in knowing the prospects and benefits of owning such a room. In contrast, when holding a wine cellar, the same environmental factors also play a fundamental role; therefore, you might be interested in looking for outlets such as Liebherr wine fridges that specialize in the supply of these specialized wine fridge units. Nonetheless, reading many wine cooler reviews might be essential to understand which model and size would be the best for you. But do not fret; many manufacturers concentrate solely on the manufacturing of only the best of the best, such as the ones from Bodega 43 wine fridges, to name one of many in availability making use of the online services as well physical stores such as outlets.

A wine cellar

It is a known fact that the best place to store and preserve wine would be by placing it in an old-styled wine cellar within wine barrels or, if not required, by placing the wine bottles in such a way that they gain the most of the environment provided by a wine cellar, usually constructed at the bottom of a home, such as a basement. The contributing factor to successfully preserving wine bottles within such a room, whether large or small, is that the surroundings and its temperature range do not fluctuate and remain consistent. For example, it is estimated that the correct storage of wine should take place between 7-18 degrees Celsius to achieve optimal benefits; however, this is not an exact science, and it is highly debatable as many believe that red wine needs a higher temperature of 12 degrees Celsius to age properly. In addition, the wine cellar’s location stays consistent and the same as that of a wine fridge you can move around in the home.


A wine cooler

As with a wine cellar, storing wine collections in a state-of-the-art wine cooler or fridge is also beneficial. This unique unit, meant for preserving wine when a wine cellar is lacking, provides the exact environmental needs given by an old-styled wine cellar, just in a more compact version, such as a wine cabinet or a free-standing unit. In addition, many of these units come equipped with further advantages in preserving wine, in the shapes and forms of UV protective glass doors, specially made to prevent harmful UV rays from entering the wine fridge and destroying the wine collection inside, as all wine lovers would tell you that the sun’s rays are the worst enemy of wine and its intact credentials which makes it a good wine. There is also the factor of keeping harmful and high vibration levels at bay.

In summary

Whether you own a wine fridge or cooler or even a wine cellar, the facts are clear, that wine requires some aspects to age and cool appropriately, such as temperature, which is the most critical factor. Then there is the humidity control of 70%, and next would be the protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, as well as keeping wine bottle collections away from high vibration levels.