9 Ways to Upgrade Your Alfresco Area

9 Ways to Upgrade Your Alfresco Area

Whether it’s down at the park, in the rainforest, by the beach, or in our own backyards, there’s no doubt that we all love going out and enjoying the great outdoors. But if you do not love the hassle that comes with going to the beach or the forest, why not create a perfect alfresco area within your backyard and enjoy some quality time with friends and loved ones?

And because the climate in most parts of Australia is ideal for outdoor living, it’s only right that you extend your living space into your backyard by building an excellent alfresco area where you can enjoy being outdoors while still entertaining your friends and family. That being said, here are some top ideas on how to upgrade and bring the best out of your alfresco area.

Blend the Indoor and Outdoor Area

A modern and chic alfresco area should not feel as if it’s an outdoor area that’s completely separated from the indoor area. Instead, you should integrate the indoor living space with the alfresco area. By doing this, you’ll turn your indoor living space and the alfresco area into one big area. The idea here is to ensure that your alfresco area feels like an extension of your indoor living space.

With that in mind, here are a few things to do:

  • Keep the colour scheme of the alfresco area the same as that of your living space.
  • Make sure that your doors do not affect the flow between your living space and alfresco area. As such, you can consider installing large sliding glass doors that can retract and minimise the barriers between your living space and alfresco area.
  • Make sure that the floor height of the living space and the alfresco area is the same. This is important in ensuring that the alfresco area feels like an outdoor extension of your indoor living space.

The Size of Your Alfresco Area Doesn’t Matter

Your outdoor space may be tiny but this doesn’t mean that you have to throw practicality out of the window. All you have to do is make sure that you make the most of the area. Here is what you can do.

  • You can use space-saving hacks. For example, you can install an outdoor kitchen for your BBQs.
  • You can use bar benches and stools instead of a huge table and chairs set.
  • You can turn it into a multi-functional area both as an alfresco area and a casual lounge.

Keep it Covered

Having a shade on top of your alfresco area will give it that unique sophistication while still protecting it from the elements. By adding a shade, it can be a lot easier to add some intricate decor to this area. For example, you can install chandeliers that you wouldn’t otherwise install without the shades. You can consider doing the following.

  • Installing a pergola to protect you from the sun and the rain.
  • Planting trees that could provide fresh air and offer shade during hot days.
  • Installing an awning over the pergola

Make it All Weather

Whether you want your alfresco area to look so Mediterranean or you want something akin to patios Melbourne, it’s essential that you ensure that your alfresco area is an all-weather space.

You can add a fireplace to keep you warm in colder months

  • Install some ceiling fans to keep the area cool in hot months
  • Add a shade with clear awnings to protect it from the rain and the sun.

An Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplace

Australia is known for having among the coldest winters but if you still want to spend some good time in your alfresco area during these months, you can consider adding a fireplace to the space. More importantly, you should incorporate an outdoor kitchen for your BBQ escapades. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the outdoor kitchen and its appliances can withstand exposure to the weather elements.
  • Make sure that the kitchen surfaces and appliances are easy to clean and maintain.

Ambient Lighting

You most certainly want to set a cosy tone in your alfresco area and there’s no better way to do it than by adding ambient lighting. You should discard the harsh white lights and incorporate warm and cosy lighting that will change the atmosphere of your alfresco area. Some lighting ideas to consider include:

Use wall lighting that can create a relaxed ambience and create an atmosphere that can make the area feel more comfortable.

  • Use dimmable LED downlights that you can use, especially around the outdoor kitchen.
  • Highlight the focal points of the alfresco area using cute spotlights.

Make it Stylish with Unique Decor

You should think of your alfresco area as your outdoor living space. As such, the priority is to style it to be as relaxing as possible. You shouldn’t get caught up in all the sideshows and forget the most important detail, which is to make sure that your alfresco space is comfortable and relaxing. A few tips include:

Add some cosy cushions and blankets to the area.

  • Blend in various textures with natural materials. For example, you can include potted plants as well as unique paintings.
  • Make sure that all the pieces of furniture are comfortable and can withstand the elements.

Include a Sound System

Whether you want to chill with your closest friends and loved ones or planning to host a party with 30 or so people, having quality music is non-negotiable. This is why you should invest in a good sound system for your alfresco area. This will not only elevate the mood of everyone but will keep the party going all night long. Remember, music is soothing and relaxing.

Do Not Forget about Landscaping

We all know the value of landscaping a space. Whether you want to make the space welcoming, improve its curb appeal, create an area of relaxation, or connect with nature, landscaping will bring the wow factor to any space. This is why it’s important that you include some elements of landscaping in your alfresco area. You can consider the following.

Adding some trees and creating a gorgeous dining space under the trees.

  • Add paving, stepping stones, or a pathway to direct your guests to the alfresco area.
  • Create cute flower beds around the alfresco area.
  • Add a water feature such as a fountain that’s built from a natural stone or the same stone or material used to build your house.

When it’s all said and done, an alfresco area should be a simple outdoor extension to your living space; a place that creates a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors. As such, you can incorporate anything that will make it easy to access, while making it relaxing and comfortable. Whatever you do, just keep it simple with comfort top of your priority.