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Having a home garden so we can enjoy the several benefits they bring. They serve as an avenue for restoring nature and also serve as a way to enjoy fresh farm produce without relying on processed fruits and vegetables. Another of these many benefits is aesthetics.

Home gardens need to be tended to and properly managed. For aesthetic purposes, gardens can be modeled after vacation garden spots you and your loved ones have either seen on TV or visited. To replicate such gardens, you would need opinions. Fortunately, Collected.Reviews are on hand.

Also, you would need to be familiar with the best vacation deals if you are to see the gardens first before replicating. We suggest you see them first anyway and enjoy a firsthand narrative and sight of these 6 garden spots that you can model your home garden after.

1.  Bridge of Flowers (Massachusetts):

The arch bridge was designed by Edward S. Shaw and was first opened in 1908. It was located in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, and links Shelburne and Buckland. This wonder of a place is said to only admit visitors between April and October. The bridge is best known for the tall feet of soil at the top of its arches, and so attracting the name the “bridge of flowers”.

2.  Cherry Blossoms (Washington, D.C.):

The garden which started as a gift from Mayor Yukio Ozaki to the city of Washington is home to a national festival of tourists and garden lovers. It contains varieties of cherries dominant of which are the Yoshino Cherry and the Kwanzan Cherry that you can get to build your home gardens.

3.  Silverswords (Hawaii):

Ever seen a plant that blooms just once before dying? Here you go with silverswords. The plants are unique and rare. They are considered endemic to Hawaii and therefore might prove difficult to emulate. But there are other species of silverswords that are not the endangered Hawaiian silverswords.

4.  Sequoia Park (California):

The giant sequoias are drawing attention in California and other parts of the world. This is due to their growth rate, size, life span, and hardiness. You can emulate your gardens after these gentle giants. Not necessarily you build sequoia trees. Anything close would do.

5.  Arizona-Sonora (Arizona):

Plants you’d find here are the native prickly pear cactus and the other varieties of native plants. These plants are exciting in the way that they can work as fruits and vegetables. They are also easy to replicate.

6.  Joshua Trees (California):

You can transplant Joshua trees with branches that end in waves and clusters of spiky leaves and white, replicating the amazing Joshua trees in California.

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There is a lot that can be replicated from spots and vacations. If you are an ardent traveler, you would notice them and infuse such designs in your gardens or home. The listed above are only some of the vacation spots and gardens that you can emulate. There are several of them.