At this time of the year, people are usually getting ready for vacation. It feels nice to forget about work and leave responsibilities behind.

Going on vacation has various benefits; it reduces blood pressure, broadens your horizon, makes you know more about yourself, improves your mood and confidence and lots more. Check UK.collected.reviews to see other benefits of vacation.

There are a lot of things to be considered before travelling and getting reliable travel agents tops the list. For people who love plants, leaving their plants on their own while being far away in another part of the world might be worrisome. There are effective ways to care for your plants while you are away and here are five of them.

1. An Educated Neighbour:

You should get a friend that will come to your place 3-4 times a week to help you water your plants while you are away and you do the same for them anytime they are on vacation. You should also try to make things easy for your friend by grouping the plants based on how much water they need and putting plants in the same category together. A week or two before travelling, study how much water they need and give your friends instructions based on it. Also, consider that your house will be warmer while you are away and your plants will need more water.

2. Mini Greenhouse:

If the number of plants you have is manageable, you can make a terrarium with a big plastic bag or buy a water-recycling one. Have a room with a water-proof floor and keep the bag there. The room’s temperature must be moderate. The same can be done for plants in outdoor containers. The one thing you should remember is that the terrarium must be kept away from sunlight.

3. Set Up a Wick:

If there are too many plants for you to move, you will not want to use plastic bags.You can just easily set up a wicking system that works both indoors and outdoors. You need a thick yarn, a container, and natural fibre rope. Fill a container with water and set it up beside a pot with the plants. Put the wick in the container and make sure it touches the bottom of the container. Put the other end of the wick in the pot containing the plant at about 3 inches deep. The dryer the soil in the plant becomes, the more water travels from the container to the soil.

4. Wine Bottle:

You might want to go for Plant Nanny Wine Bottle Stakes if your outdoor containers are few. Fill a wine bottle with water and screw it to the stake. Insert the stake in the pot containing the plant. While you are on vacation, the water in the bottle will be released into the plant slowly and steadily. If the plant needs more water, you can insert more than one stake into the pot.

5. Slow-Drip System:

 This is not restricted to times that you are away, because it can also save you time while you are at home. Buy a slow-drip watering system that has an automatic timer. You don’t need any special tools to operate them and as your plans change, you can redesign them. It is advisable to use it when the outdoor containers are many. They cost about £85 but can last you for years.

If there are no neighbours or friends that can help you look after your plants, or you simply don’t want them. You can choose any self-watering system and be assured that your plants are safe while you’re away. It is advisable to test the system you’re using before travelling to see if it works.